Alditha Collins is the Queen of the Town of Halloween, the wife of Kasim Collins, and the mother of Kara


Queen Alditha Collins' "Featuring" Card for Serial 11.

Collins. She is a white bat, and is often seen wearing an open robe. In her quest for more money and power she conspires with Blair Montgomery in order to secure a nearly infinite amount of money and funding for Halloween by having her daughter marry Blair. In exchange for the money such a marriage would bring Alditha offers to give Blair The Book of Secrets, an ancient tome full of dark and forbidden magic. She is willing to do whatever it takes to make sure these plans come to fruition. Being the Queen of Halloween, Alditha has powerful magic and knowledge of secrets at her disposal, and often moves around by using a levatation spell that has her floating a few inches off the ground.

Like the rest of the Ruling Family of Halloween Alditha's last name is a reference to the Collins Family from the television series Dark Shadows.