Anthropomorphic Animals commonly called Antrhos, Furries, or sometimes Funny Animals, are a type of character seen in all various types of media, going back as far as ancient times and civilizations.

For an animal to be considered "Anthropomorphic" it really just needs to have some sort of human element attached to it, such as being able to speak, understand complex emotions and concepts, and even walk and operate complex machinery.

Anthro Animals Edit

Usually when one talks of Anthropomorphic Animals they mean the human like bi-pedal animals that are

Spectral Shadows - Perri Prinz

An example of an "Anthro Animal"

again common in all kinds of media, and are especially prevalent within the Furry Fandom. However, past being bi-pedal the degree that an anthro is human like varies to huge degrees. Even in the world of Spectral Shadows the amount Anthro Animals are close to being human varies - this is shown to a great extent in Serial 11 "The Planet of Genetic Misadventure where the combination of animal and human DNA causes a wide range of anthropomorphism with some creatures being close to human, others have human like bodies but paws for feet and hands, and some even being furless though these are by and large not the only variations.

In the Furry Fandom itself there has also been a wide variation of Anthropomorphism. Some Furries' characters will simply appear as a furred human with an animal head and tail, others go to greater lengths by giving their character digigrade limbs, and others might incorporate real life elements into their characters - a dog might be seen wearing a leash as a fashion accessory, for instance.

Feral Animals Edit

Main Article: Feral Animal

A Feral Animal is the name the Furry Fandom has given that may be anthropomorphic, but is not bipedal.

Serial 4 - Melinda

An example of a Feral Animal. Note that it still is counted as "Feral" despite its fantastic elements.

Feral Animals also do not have to have a degree of anthropomorphism to it, as animals that just act like their wild and natural self without any degree of human are also categorized as "Feral Animals". However, Feral Animals that do express any amount of human like qualities are often also categorized as "Anthropomorphic Animals".

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