Charm Magic is the ability that some character have in the saga of Spectral Shadows to use some type of charm, influence, or hypnosis to control or one or more other creatures. Though some abilities outside of Serial 2 "The Aslanders" are not called "Charm Magic" explicitly they share one or more elements with Charm Magic.

In Serial 2 Edit

In Serial 2 "The Aslanders" one's potential to use Charm Magic is determined by their Charm stat. So far there have been only two characters who were said to have a high Charm Stat: Christy James and Princess Ariel, though so far only Princess Ariel was seen using her charm to any effect at all, manipulating Rael Ommandeer during her battle with Jon Ommandeer.

In Serial 11 Edit

In Serial 11 "The Planet of Genetic Misadventure" the phrase "Charm Magic" is never used with the exception of any references to The Aslander School of Magic. However there are a few uses of powers or abilities that heavily resemble Charm Magic. It's said that impregnated female Cygnusians can hypnotize and ensnare any male that they might desire if they are without a mate. They can also enchant and entrance males quite easily, even if they already have a mate; this is seen when Clover Lappina almost completely hypnotizes Perry Rhoades' cab driver Toby Firion. And later in her pregnancy Lappina is able to do a specific ritual that drives Perry into an extremely amorous state of mind.

Michelle Duarte is another character that is seen using abilities that are on Charm Magic levels. She is most infamous for her ability to make any male deep in love with her and as a result at her essential beck and call. So far we have only seen and been told that Michelle uses this power frequently against Perry to get him to sign over or agree to ludicrous business propositions with Montgomery Technical. This is accomplished not only through the uses of seductive glances, motions, and fondling, but also through an almost expert use of various perfumes and fragrances to help enhance the mood and induce that specific state of mind. However it should be noted that this ability does not work on Cygnusian females who instead find Michelle's use of perfume to be an overabundance and just stinks. As per The Author Michelle's charms do not work on homosexual males, as they are attracted to other males and not women, which suggests that Michelle's charms and perfumes are tailored specifically towards only Males who find Females attractive.

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