The Furry Fandom is a real life fandom consisting mostly of those who are a fan of anthropomorphic

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A Furry poses in their Fursuit, a costume fashioned after their Fursona.

animals to one extent or another. They include a wide variety of members, from artists, to writers, to musicians, and of course those who simply enjoy such things. The extent one has to be involved with such things to be considered of the fandom varies from person to person, and usually it's up to the person if they consider themselves of the fandom or not.

Members within the Furry Fandom (Usually just referred to as "The Fandom" by members) usually refer to themselves and others as a Furry (Plural: Furries). Most Furries make some sort of personal character referred to as a Fursona, a play on words of the idea of a Persona. A Fursona usually is an anthro animal, though sometimes Furries will make characters that are a mix between human and animal (More so than an anthro animal may already be). However it should be noted that a Fursona is not a requirement to being a furry.

In the world of Spectral Shadows the Furry Fandom is parodied through the Unfurry Fandom which appears in Serial 11 "The Planet of Genetic Misadventure"

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