Jock Walsh is a Cygnusian Palomino Horse that lives in the Town of Suburbia and makes his living as a Liberated Male and Mega Playboy who made his fortune selling body building videos and exercise equipment. Jock is also frequent lovers with Vicki Anderson. Perry Rhoades and Jock have something of a rivalry over Vicki, but what sets Jock apart from Perry is Vicki's fetish for over sized males. Jock however becomes Vicki's primary lover after Perry ends up being taken by the Ashbury rabbit Clover Lappina.

Jock may be seen as a "nice guy", but he isn't nearly as nice or selfless as Perry is due to his liking of being a rich millionaire, materialistic, and selfish. Though he does show a liking for doing good for others, as after Vicki and Kacey Caddell's apartment is burned to the ground in a Noirian Barbecue by Lappina Jock volunteers to build a new house for Vicki and Kacey (though it's never specified if he's doing this by himself or working with a team).

Jock also forms an attraction to Christine Rhoades, however he encounters difficulty as he's not interested in winning her in the way that he would need to.

Vickijockb zpsd91f4ade

Jock and Vicki embrace.


Concept art for Jock Walsh

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