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Jonathan Livingston Takashi Ommandeer, often just called Jon, later called Sir Jon and at times referred to as The Master of Games, is one of the main protagonists of Spectral Shadows, the brother of Rael Ommandeer (and later the father of his reincarnation, Perry Rhoades), the son of Praline Ommandeer, the nephew of Shane, and the cousin of Clarice. Jon begins the series as a feral deer living in Rubicon Forest with his family, and later is taken with Rael by Shane to accept his destiny as one of the Children of the Ommadawn. Jon is a very aggressive individual, taking a big liking to fighting and holds the title of Ra's Sword.

Jon would later become a Time Captain (and Omman Knight to boot) and fall in love with and marry Miss Sonny, the two later having a son, Perry Rhoades, and a daughter, Lorri Rhoades. They would settle in the Town of Suburbia with Miss Sonny becoming the Queen and Sir Jon becoming the Mayor at some point before Serial 11. At this time he is known as Sir Jon, and displays a more mature and wise personality.

Sir Jon's powers thus far have been expert fighting abilities, and use of a Soul Sword. He is also very adapt at playing any and all types of games, and thus possesses a high amount of cunning, planning, and intellect, something that he is very adapt at utilizing.

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