Kasim Collins is the Sultan of the Town of Halloween, the father of Kara Collins, and the wife of Alditha


Sultan Kasim Collins' "Featuring" card, seen before episodes in Serial 11.

Collins. Like most Kings on Cygnus, Kasim holds less political power than the Queen, if any at all. He is said to often be playing with various toys and games Kasim is fond of that he is left to use alone, as his grown up daughter no longer plays and The Queen has no interest in such things. One of his more unique possessions is a magic train set that was built by Perry Rhoades, and is sometimes used in games.

The power of his magic is currently unknown, though it is most likely not as powerful as Alditha's, as he does nothing to protect his daughter. It seems like he knows of Alditha's plan and is opposed to it, as he hires the Amazing Detectives Agency with the task of protecting Kara from any harm following an attempted kidnapping, which the ADA takes to the literal extreme in opposing Alditha's plans for Kara, as they would end in harm for the bat. Though Kasim never directly says to protect Kara from Alditha's plans, he most likely intended his words to be interpreted like that.

Like the other members of the Ruling Family of Halloween, the last name Collins is a reference to the Collins Family from Dark Shadows.

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