Serial 11 "The Planet of Genetic Misadventure" is the longest running proposed serial thus far, containing over 150 episodes, with author Perri Rhoades estimating that it might take anywhere near 300 episodes at the least to wrap up everything planned.

The first episode, "Opening of Spectral Shadows Radio Script Dated 02/15/46" was first published on November 26th, 2004. Thus this could be considered the launch of Serial 11.

List of Current Episodes Edit

Serial 11 Episodes
Episode Number Episode Name Summary  Date of Publication
0 Opening of Spectral Shadows Radio Script Dated 02/15/46 A recap of the final moments of Serial 10 that brings new readers up to speed. 11/26/2004
1 The Girl Who From Another World Christine James finds herself at the literal end of time on the planet Cygnus in an old friend's house.  11/27/2004
2 The Charming Canine Prince Christine is introduced to Sir Jon's charming son, Perry Rhoades . 12/4/2004
3 Lorri's Concert The Rhoades Family enjoys Lorri Rhoades' concert in another town12/11/2004
4 Genus Homo Sapient Exuviae 12/18/2004
5 Once A Furry, Always A Furry 12/25/2004

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