Serial 4 "The Trouble With Paradise" is the 4th proposed serial in the saga of Spectral Shadows. It began publication November 2014 and is currently in active development alongside Serial 11 "The Planet of Genetic Misadventure" .

The first episode of Serial 4, an Opening Radio Script, was published on 11/23/2014 and can be considered the official start of Serial 4.

Serial 4 Episodes
Episode Number Episode Name Summary  Date of Publication
0 "Opening Of Spectral Shadows Radio Script Dated 01/02/41" The serial opens with a tradditional Opening Radio Script that brings readers up to speed...and also promotes a new Christy James series.  11/23/2014
1 "Dangerous Toys" Captain Shane and Rocie tell Jon and Rael Ommandeer of how The Manage, a form they will be taking on Pentalous, did their original planet in. 11/23/2014
2 "The Pentalian Forest" Captain Shane, Jon, and Rael make their way through villages to meet The Queen of Pentalous. 12/5/2014
3 "The Philosophy of Pentalous" As Jon and Rael explore Pentalous' castle Rael encounters an elder Manage named Valor. 12/11/2014
4 "The Human Anomaly" Rael meets Melinda Ontonashi and the two partake in participating with a Pentalian band.  12/25/2014

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