Michelle Durate is a cream and white Cygnusian Skunk with a southern accent that appears in Serial 11 "The Planet of Genetic Misadventure". She is the secretary for Montgomery Technical and is one of Blair Montgomery's greatest assets as she contains quite the powerful method of persuasion: Michelle contains a vast knowledge of the usage of scents, perfumes, and other sensual aspects that can intoxicate any male and put them completely at her mercy in their highly infatuated state, which can let her get them to give her whatever she or Blair might want from them, which is almost like a form of Charm Magic.

Early in Serial 11 Michelle Duarte is shot dead by Clover Lappina, but is later revived by Blair Montgomery through some apparently supernatural means.

11x80 - The Seductive Skunkette

Perry Rhoades falls victim to Michelle Durate's irresistible charms.