Prologue: A Transcendental Radio Show is the first published episode of Spectral Shadows and features a character first named The Spaceman, later revealed in the same episode to be Perry Rhoades, as he prepares for the launch of his Spectral Shadows radio drama. It also gives some insight into the background of the drama, such as how it came about and the challenges Perry faces because of the idea of using animal characters to write a story that can contain adult themes and ideas but yet still be enjoyed by adults and perhaps even children. We also get a glimpse into some of the methods Perry uses to achieve this, such as using a special musical instrument that helps draw and keep listeners drawn in. It is also stated that Perry intends to use this show, which is very much based off of his own life experiences and other stories he's heard, to attempt to bring enlightenment and progress to the people of Earth.

This episode is followed by the first actual episode of the Spectral Shadows series, "An Invitation to the Living Forest", which is also the first episode of the first serial "Children of the Ommadawn". Though this episode is technically not an official part of Serial 1 (on the LiveJournal page it is grouped above the Serial rather than within it), but for organizational purposes this wiki considers it part of Serial 1.  

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