Religion is a major concept within the world of Spectral Shadows, and takes various shapes and forms, from the animal religion Ommanism to the Christian-like Quistianity. Religion comes up often, as well as concepts of spirituality, and one would be hard pressed to find a proposed serial that doesn't include some sort of conversation, allegory, criticism, etc. involving religion.

Below you will find all of the religions seen (or mentioned) so far in Spectral Shadows.

Ommanism Edit

Main article: Ommanism

Ommanism is a major religion followed mainly by the animal characters but on occasion by human characters (such as with Christine James). The main deity is Omman-Ra (oftentimes called Ra), known as a powerful being who "made the world out of paper". Serving Ra are several Omman Lords that all perform some specific function. The religion also has Priestesses and Omman Knights who carry out the will of Ra. A major event in Ommanism is the Ommadawn, which is said to be brought about by a trio of special creatures.

Willowdeer Edit

Main article: Willowdeer

Not much is known about the Willowdeer at this point, other than the fact that they are a mysterious and feared branch of the Omman religion and are something to be avoided.

Quistianity Edit

Main article: Quistianity

Quistianity is a religion that is very similar to the Earth religion Christianity. It even has a central savior figure, The Quist, and swears such as "For Quist's sake!" It seems to be a religion that was popular on Chikyu, and it seems to have spread throughout the galaxy as we see a family on Cygnus who are Quistians.

Town Religions Edit

Main article: Religion on Cygnus

Every single town on Cygnus has its own religion with its own practices, customs, sometimes even deities (though the belief in a Goddess seems to be universal across all towns). None of these are based off of any Elder Race religions but instead on other elements from Elder Race history, most often holidays or some element of pop culture.

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