Around the Universe in 80 Days is the 15th Proposed Serial in the Spectral Shadows series. It is preceded by Serial 14 - Girls with Guns and succeeded by Serial 16 - Fantasia, A World Made out of Dreams. It is currently not being worked on, and thus the only material available is the summary from the Synopsis Page.

The summary is as follows:

By this time Christine will have spent quite a bit of time on the planet Cygnus. She's been married and had a child. She's made many close friends, and she's been training to perfect her Omman powers and become a member of Rocinantè’s crew. So have Perry Rhoades and his wife Victoria, who also have a child by this time. And the detectives from Noir have been taking a lesson or two as well.

Suddenly Sir Jon announces that it's time everyone joined him on a little jaunt around the universe to see if they can find a planet suitable for the people of Cygnus to migrate to before the impending explosion of their sun.

Since the people of Cygnus are anthropomorphic half animals who are scared to death of being enslaved and exploited by pure humans, the ultimate goal of the quest is to find another anthropomorphic world where the people of Cygnus will fit in.

The first anthropomorphic world they visit is in a pre-technological era of Chivalry, heroics and romantic politics.

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