Fantasia, A World Made out of Dreams is the 16th Proposed Serial of Spectral Shadows. It is preceded by Serial 15 - Around the Universe in 80 Days and succeeded by Serial 17 - Those Obnoxious Fairies. This serial is currently not in the works, and the only material available is the summary from the Synopsis Page. There is however, an early image of one of the characters introduced in this serial, Dr. Freudiana.

The Summary is as follows:

The crew of The Rocinantè arrive on a planet that seems to be inspired entirely by imagery from children's stories. It's populated by cute little fairy tale type critters and mobile toys.

Not long after they arrive they encounter Rael, who explains that Audrey has once again entered a dimensional portal and gotten herself lost. So he entreats the travelers to help him search for her.

They also encounter Dr. Freudiana, a psychoanalyst for furry cartoon characters who is traveling to do research for his ultimate tome on the workings of the funny animal mind. He joins the travelers on their quest, interviewing many creatures for his research along the way.

Spectral Shadows - Dr Freudiana

Dr. Freudiana, one of the characters introduced in this series.

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