The World of the Anthrodroids is the 18th Proposed Serial of Spectral Shadows. It is preceded by Serial 17 - Those Obnoxious Fairies and succeeded by Serial 19 - Samurai of the Sun. This serial is currently not in the works, and the only material available is the summary from the Synopsis Page.

The summary is as follows:

The Anthrodroids are mechanical anthropomorphic creatures that evolved as a result of the experiments of Dr. Penning. They were created to be the minions of evil forces, but they have long since been free at this point, and have evolved into a race of peace loving sentient robots. But the evil spirit of Dr. Penning survives, digitally recorded in the race memory of The Anthrodroids, waiting for the day when his experiment reaches its completion.

When it becomes clear that The Anthrodroids have finally achieved full sentience, Dr. Penning regenerates himself as Dr. Penglous, and attempts to cease control of the species he created in order to take over the universe.

Some of The Anthrodroids succumb to the control of Dr. Penglous, which spreads like an epidemic. Only Princess Electra and Rael hold the keys to defeating Dr. Penglous, but first they must fight their way through his elaborately fortified stronghold to reach him.

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