Jumping off the Sun is the 21st Proposed Serial in Spectral Shadows. It is preceded by Serial 20 - Oops, Wrong Planet and succeeded by Serial 22 - Return to the House of Spectral Shadows. It is currently not being worked on, meaning that the only available material is the summary on the Synopsis Page.

The summary is as follows:

Having accomplished their mission of finding the perfect world for the people of Cygnus to migrate to, the crew of The Rocinantè return to Cygnus.

Jon sets up a portal between the two worlds so that the populace may escape. And it comes none two soon as astronomers have noticed unusual activity on the sun and expect that the end is near. But Jon still has a hard time convincing the people of Cygnus to make use of the portal and save themselves.

The cast then splits up and goes their separate ways, each trying some individual venture to persuade the people of Cygnus to save themselves.

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