I Pity Inanimate Objects is the 34th Proposed Serial in Spectral Shadows as well as the series finale. It is preceded by Serial 33 - The Second Sitting for the Last Supper. It is currently not being worked on, meaning that the only available material is the summary on the Synopsis Page. Its namesake comes from the Godley & Creme song of the same name from their album Freeze Frame.

The summary is as follows:

The final serial in the series returns Jon and the crew of The Rocinantè to the forest in their original time stream.

Dr. Penning's Black Widow computer has just completed the creation of The Anthrodroids and is about to unleash them on humanity.

As human society faces annihilation, The Dream Weaver projects a universal dream, warning that the Ommadawn is immanent, and all who wish to be saved must make their way to the forest, causing a huge migration of all the righteous humans and animals who were able to understand the meaning of the dream.

Meanwhile, responding to a distress call, an armada of Astral Pirates arrives, only to find themselves under attack by The Anthrodroids as well. The Pirate Emperor judges The Anthrodroids to be a threat to his supremacy and orders the total destruction of Chikyu

A hell of space battles, bombings, eruptions, forest fires and pandemonium follows while Raelian exhausts the last of his power to maintain a protective barrier over those who have assembled in the forest for salvation.

But in the end it is up to Jon. Have all his experiences been enough to give him the magic he needs to pull off the miracle that will save the thousands of humans and animals gathered before him?