Building the Perfect Beast is the seventh Proposed Serial in Spectral Shadows. It is preceded by Serial 6 - Blinded by Science and succeeded by Serial 8 - Blinded by Science. It is not currently in progress, and therefore the only material is available on the Serial Synopsis page.

The Summary is as follows:

With things still up in the air with the escaped research animals, Rael is recaptured by the humans and imprisoned in the government’s main Animal Research Center. There he finds himself in a battle of wits with a sadistic mad scientist, Dr. Penning, who wants to use Raelian's power to further his own evil ends. But an animal rights activist, Christine James, does all she can to secure Raelian's release before the order for his destruction can be carried out.

Meanwhile, the escaped research animals have started the move to the forest, now having to go ahead without Raelian's help. They are pursued relentlessly by the army, sustaining many casualties to reach their goal, only to find the forest a frozen wasteland in which the odds against their survival are astronomical.

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