The Lost Ferals are a tribal society Mutants that live in the ruins of an Elder Race city in the wilds of No Furs Land. They are made up of those who have been banished from various towns for failing to meet the commonly accepted standards for being accepted as a human being, as well as the descendants of such people. They range from fairly normal looking furs to grotesque monstrosities.
11x192 - Following the Possat

The Possat leads Bixyl Shuftan, Christine Rhoades, and Rick Edwards through The Lost Ferals' camp.

Because there is not law in No Furs Land, and town folk are free to treat The Lost Ferals as hunted animals. Thus The Lost Ferals tend to be a nomadic tribe, living in a manner similar to the Native Polthisanians of the planet Chikyu, (The Spectral Shadows equivalent of Native Americans.)

The leader of The Lost Ferals is called The Possat, a hybrid fur type who was exiled to No Furs Land for the crime of being born with two perfectly formed human breasts that are always visible, rather than only when she's pregnant, as well as four additional nipples, making her seem shockingly animal-like to the town folk, who are not swayed to sympathy for her, regardless of the superior intelligence she displays.

Having endured much hardship due to such prejudice on the part of the town folk, The Lost Ferals bear extreme distrust towards any town folk found in their territory. Such town folk are fair game for The Lost Ferals by the same state of lawlessness that exists in No Furs Land which gives the town folk the ability to hunt The Lost Ferals for sport without fear of consequences. However The Lost Ferals may be merciful to any town folk who manage to survive long enough to prove they are friendly. Though that can be quite a challenge, as The Lost Ferals are very quick to destroy perceived invaders.

The Lost Ferals make their first official appearance in the 167th episode of Serial 11 entitled "Whatever You Do, Don't Scream"


The Lost Ferals were inspired by the cover of the Kansas album "Monolith," which shows a tribe of Native Americans living in the ruins of a modern city.


It is eventually discovered that The Lost Ferals are the reincarnation of a tribe of Native Polithsanians that Jon Ommandeer went to extreme measures to save from the extermination human history had recorded for them.

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