Tigers-Kitten Creations, also known as TK, is a freelance Furry artist who lives in Ontario, Canada with her husband and their cat. She discovered the furry community in 2002 and has been doing art for the fandom ever since. They do have their own fursona, Tigers Kitten, who is a tiger/bat/orca hybrid, though it's stated that TK can shift between these different forms rather than being a combination of all three, and they've also been drawn as a MerFur (A mermaid anthro animal, essentially) which suggests that TK might be polymorphic as well as a hybrid.

TK is the featured artist for Spectral Shadows, and in addition their character Tigers Kitten takes the role of the character Melanie in Serial 11 "The Planet of Genetic Misadventure". They have been providing images since Serial 2 "The Aslanders" and perhaps even earlier than that, as there are sketches of some of the characters from Serial 1 "Children of the Ommadawn". As mentioned they are a freelance artist, and thus has their own page over at Fur Affinity. You can also view their own WikiFur page here.

WillowMelanieSnowybrothel attendants zps636e6ef0

Melanie, played by Tigers Kitten (left), appears as a brothel worker in Madame Maxine's House of Refined Mating.

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