The Towns of Cygnus are the few known places on the planet Cygnus where civization arose following the Red Rain attacks and the evolution of the Cygnusians

Each Town has a simple goal: the attempted execution and implementation of a type of philosophy or way of life, each Town being a sort of experiment to find an ideal way to live. None of these Towns follow any of the previously established religions of the Elder Race, believing that they are all failures. Following ideas and philosophies considered failed is something that Cygnusians will not do. Most Town ideals are based off of political systems, ideals, or time periods from the Elder Race, or even philosophies based off of intellectual properties of the Elder Race, such as how Oz is based off ofThe Wizard of Oz and its mythology. A Town's main philosophy is often referred to as that Town's "Religion". 

A given Town can follow different political systems, however practically all Towns have a Ruling Family that holds supreme power over the Town and even governing bodies such as Suburbia's Town Council. It should be noted, however that the amount of power a Ruling Family exercises varies from Town to Town; some are passive and will only use their power in dire times, such as with Sir Jon and Miss Sonny who rule over Suburbia , or may be more tyrannical with their rule, such as Queen Davilla of Webberton

In the event that a Town is declared a failure the Ruling Family can sign The Final Option, a document that officially declares the Town as failed. Once a Town is failed the governent is immediately dissolved, and everyone is left to seek out another Town to migrate to. Oftentimes failed Towns are also burned to the ground. So far, only one Town has been declared a failure: Ashbury

Politics between Towns range from peaceful to tense, though it may depend on the Town's idealiogies or the residents. For instance, Webberton and Camelot are constantly at odd with each other due to their conflicting Imperialistic ambition. Many Towns do not have a formal army, with the exception of Camelot and Webberton, though there are law enforcment agencies. The efficency and lethality of these forces again varies from Town to Town.

So far there are only thirteen towns that have been mentioned or seen:Suburbia, CamelotWebberton, Halloween, Berdovia, Chris Corners, ArkenstoneAshbury, Oz, Noir, Marvel DCAviary, and Phaze.  

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