Vampires are a race of creatures within the Spectral Shadows universe, though these creatures are seen

Nicholas and Lucious Rhoades

Nicholas Rhoades sees the reflection of a vampire possessing him in the mirror.

few and far in between. These creatures take heavy inspiration from the vampires seen in programs such as the Gothic soap opera Dark Shadows, and thus have traits that are similar, but yet unlike, other vampires from other series.

  • Retractable Fangs - Vampires can retract their fangs and make them seem like normal teeth, extending them only when feeding on others.
  • Immortality - Like most Vampires in other tales, the Spectral Shadows vampires never age and never die of old age.
  • Blood Draining - Vampires can suck the blood of another creature.
  • Mind Control - Those that the Vampire drinks the blood of are under the mind control of the Vampire. Though this effect seems to only last while the Vampire is active, as seen with Blair Montgomery's mind control over Princess Kara.
  • Energy Drain - Just as a Vampire can drain the blood of others, some Vampires retain their immortality through draining of energy, emotions, or other sensations, such as with the Vampire Lucious Rhoades.

Unlike most incarnations of Vampires, those in the world of Spectral Shadows do not die in the sunlight. It does however upset them and may make them weaker.

So far the only Vampires that are for sure known of are Lucious Rhoades. Blair Montgomery shows several signs of Vampirism, but it is still unclear if he is a Vampire or something else.

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