Victoria Anderson, often called Vick by the others, is a blue and white Cygnusian Fox living in Suburbia in an apartment with Kacey Caddell, and is one of the main characters of Serial 11 "The Planet of Genetic Misadventure". She tends to be more practical minded than Kacey or Christine, and likes to stick to the ways and values of the Suburbian Religion, and can be said to be very much a girl next door type vixen with a very active love life, having a Dating Calendar that was pretty much always fully booked. She had ambitions to become a nurse until Dr. Reinhart failed her in Nursing School and pretty much shot her chances of ever becoming a nurse, all because the doctor wished to exact revenge for how males are second class citizens on Cygnus. Despite this setback Vicki is still quite knowledgeable on Cygnusian anatomy, and has at times provided medical care for others. She is slated to later gain healing magic at some point if the Character List and Series Synopsis is anything to go off of. It is also later revealed in a Mating Dream that she is the reincarnation of Melinda.

Vicki is first seen very early in Serial 11, her first scene being her holding an unconscious Perry Rhoades (whom a then human Christine had greatly upset with her cruel remarks to the point of upsetting his bronchitis) and scaring off Christine after perceiving her as a threat. Despite this rough first meeting, Christine and Vicki would go on to become fast and strong friends and would tempt the status quo of Suburbia time and again by becoming intimate with each other.


Vicki enjoys some company among some potential play dates.